You Chose Love

I was summoned by my soul

to come see myself

so i arrived


estranged between

myself and soul

we birth from within

and detach from


every soul a vessel

seeks to birth itself

as ascension is the Way

lt seems the only language

we truly understand

is the unspoken

the unwritten

the space between space

the glance between glance

the whisper between

spoken and silent

the thought preceding thought

the unseen of the seen


I wasted my time

thinking about the time

I wasted

not thinking about you

You chose love

only to be destroyed

I witnessed your death

I witness you come to life

when I completed your words

and your tomorrow seen today

when past and future

swirled in oblivion

now was all

this inexplainable affinity

an eternal knowing

of unmasked identities

enamored by reflection

essence sought itself

by means of itself

when two became one

you remind me of eternity

eyes remain closed

a prolonged incubation

until the seen within was without

the communication never stopped

were you listening?

Multiplicity Collapsed

light clasped my hand

bringing me

to the eternal fountain

of self reflection

to see my purest form

as she witnessed.

she led me to dark

to know my-self

as she witnessed.

silently fading

as self acquaintance

befriended me

light and dark

met me once again

fused as one

I saw two as one

witnessing me

in her I appeared

my unmasked self

I met light and dark

in my mirror self


shadow and light

manifested as one

clueless was I

who was who

realization donned

as none but one

as one, as one

as none as none

multiplicity collapsed

unveiling a reality

that none exists

but that.

Our Dual Nature

light exposed 
our dual nature 
where form appeared as reality
I cried realizing the great lie 
all is illusion
all vanishing every moment
the impermanence of form
except reality
veiled by duality

I entered a world of deceptive multiplicity
every soul cried 
yes you and I

No Reality But Reality

a sub saharan journey
into a ruthless desert 
accompanied by blue eyed Tuareg
I questioned every grain 
for what reason have I come
enamored by my reflection
my glance befell a mirage
seeking another
I saw myself
when my eyes met with mine
I knew none existed but me
I drank this reality
till thirst receded 
I uttered endlessly 
there is no reality but me
no reality but reality