Grey Hair

you are the cause of my grey hair

I’ve never felt more beauty before

you are the cause of my heart attacks

I’ve never felt so alive before

You are the cause of my slips and falls

I’ve never felt so youthful before

You are the cause of my utter weakness

I’ve never felt so strong before

Existential Union

an unrivaled idol

is not a matter of pride

or sorrow

rather a form

of existential


which simply is

what it is

that same idol

is you with you

how can there ever

be separation

I’m tummy sick

my heart and soul

I’ve become a stranger to

my heart

my soul detests me

for this duality

I am utterly ruined

guilty of the greatest



A Rival to Laat and Uzza

is she a statue

an idol from

prehistoric Arabia

a rival to Laat and Uzza

she asks

if worship

can be intwined

in what we call life

complaining of the mundane

statues surround her

she detests duality

her desire to worship

love’s only love

her heart

a K’aba

worships itself

through her reflection

pure monotheism

her supposed claim

then came Laila

who caused apostasy