If Art and Artist Existed Not

I create art

that creates enemies

those hiding in the grass

come forth and expose their enmity

what was more important

your opinion and judgement

or a loyal friend

for an image created through imagination

that you failed to grasp

because you really don’t know

the heart of the artist anyway

you chose judgement instead

in your claim for art appreciation

yet failed to understand the essence;

all is subjective

so judge not what you know not

leaving a friendship that saved you

from drowning and falling off

that London Bridge into the sea of misery

she held your hand from that calamity

how ironic

since friendship mattered not

and we forgot the past

because now we know how to stand

art became a means to split seas

so you left

I thank art to allow hearts to see

what normally would be hidden

if art and artist existed not.

Loyal Dogs

i choose loyalty

above all


since this is the bar

of our way

i only attract

souls who

like loyal dogs

give all for love

When Rumi The Scholar

When Rumi met the Scholar

when scholars gave up literalism

and embraced love-ism

grass grew and the sun danced

the moon smiled like never before

as if her scar from splitting

at the sight of the beloved

mattered no more

chanting the call to prayers

yet forgetting the essence

of the name mentioned

let’s hold hands

and travel to Madina

we’ll party all night long

drinking qahwa with dates

I’ll recite poems of him

while listening to Najdi hymns

let’s gaze at each other

until the stars fall asleep

Your Past No More

Your past no more 
this door you came to
none but Love
healed your past 
karmic and cosmic
energetic and psychic
Love cradled you 
light and shadows 
you broke to heal
too real 
this mirroring love
you assumed as destiny
resigned itself to detached immunity
your essence shines
from death to life
a new name 
anointed your being 
a new door 
a new love 
embracing love
wholly you
where you alone remained 
alone with the alone 

Womb Betrayal

panting for water
you died in her lap
drank to your fill
revived through her gaze 
love’s touch 
never to return 
not even a smile
betraying your spiritual mothers
you repeat the crime of womb betrayal
the cycle repeats 

A Loyalist Is Tested

The emotional absence
a test of your resilience
when love remained conditional
love too was temporary 
a loyalist is tested 
a lover is tested
love is magical 
love becomes ugly
love is the greatest irony
so waters may be tested
for purity and false claims 
filtered and sifted 
as sand to water
remain with Laila
depart like Shams
battle her like Yazid 
proclaim like Hallaj
Jacob’s separation 
an inevitable reunion
of a torn shirt and tears
where sorrow left fear
pure bliss, now drink
a sip from Kawther
for Alchemized hearts 
none but the elect 
this fountain of purity
for lovers of unity 
transformed to gold
this emotional absence
the absence illusory
presence remains eternal 
with souls of our fraternity 

Slow Down

When my thoughts 
raced faster than this heartbeat
and breath vanished into thin air
It was time to slow down