In the name of Worship

I would feign night vigil

in the name of worship

and litany

just to be in your presence

just to gaze at you

I would don a mantle

and rosaries

burn frankincense

in the name of worship

just to be with you

in this night vigil

which I call worship

A Grand Scheme

In regards to states

Every way of being is necessary

By way of being

States are evoked

There is no choice in

The grand scheme of the divine play

Acclaimed Loyalist

stranger among masses

acclaimed loyalist

your fealty a hidden matter

no use of this secret

of acclaimed loyalty

that was not the point

what are you afraid of

Monotheism She Professed


she professed

love arrived to contaminate

her heart

every passerby, guest, stranger

her heart’s love

idols adorned

love whispered

this is


Way of the Dost

You were warned

But chose

the Way of the Dost


A deadly path

Be prepared for ruination

A death that brings ancient ruins to life

You the Ka’ba

While all revolve

Rejoicing in this rebirth