Quintessentially Art and Artist

Art as we know is quintessentially art and artist.
Art as we know is not to be judged nor in need of validation.
Art as we know is an outpouring from infinite intelligence, if real.
Art as Monet reminds us is not an act of pretending to understand when all we have to do is love.
Art as we know brings out our truth and shadows.
Art as we know illuminates the world.
Art as we know is not to be grasped literally and if so, desecrated.
Art as we know is both soul and spirit fused. Art as we know is you and i.
Art as we know is to raise the consciousness of humanity and our lack of receptivity is a reflection of our very resistance.
So the same name we use, art appreciation, to express our world view means, art is art and not subject to your like and fancy.
Art as we know is testing your appreciation at its core.
Art as we know arrives to open your heart to all that you selectively and secretly detest.

Truth Beyond Form

Truth is beyond images

But getting to beyond

one has to meet the image first

Everyone is on his or her journey towards truth

There is no right or wrong

Everyone’s path of learning is unique

We can not determine who is evolved and who isn’t

there simply cannot be judgement in the path of becoming

the evolution is an ongoing

no one can claim they have arrived at truth

Although essentially we are seeking that through formless and form

What is, isn’t, what isn’t is

I Remembered When I Forgot

She is the moon

appearing in many forms

I praise her light 

I bow in submission 

captivated and enslaved 

to this magnificent light being

Oceans apart. I miss your heart. 

Breathe in the longing. There you’ll find me.

So you may stone me and find me standing there.

I wouldn’t even try to dodge nor retaliate.

I will just be. That’s all.

As I forgot who I was

I remembered 

emptying and refilling

absence beckoned presence 

seeing all as nothing 

nothingness as all

the dot became manifest 

as all became the dot

truth disappeared

in order to reappear

Redifine to Realign

Redefine to Realign

Those borderless lines

crossed and trampled upon

kindness brought confusion

ascertain once again 

to sift the shift

attraction points upon your path

no hit and miss

This is not a game of hierarchy 

or servant hood 

organized mind control

Master and servant

Respect is All

All is respect 

Unity and Duality

This constant unveiling of shadow and light

We drifted to a point where we forgot our connection

as sudden strangers we lied about longing 

distracted duality

rebelling reality

sacred trusts

banished and broken 

denying darkness

censored secrets  

mystical memories 

embracing ethereal 

delusional darkness

obstructing our Oneness

We merged to a point where we remembered our connection