Rite of Passage

You are here
we are family
you are safe
you are loved
love brought you here
love brought us here
love is here
love is real
mandatory on the path
this is the rite of passage
this is the path of love
love madly
destroy yourself in love
be broken
shatter to pieces
you gave all for love
so did we
we are here
to remember
our reality

Honored Soul

Loved ones
we take for granted
as we know without doubt
their love is eternal
and in this knowing
we forget to express
loud or bold
honoring loved ones
and stories that wish to be shared
is honoring a soul
honoring life
honoring love

Abandoned Literalism

it was time

to disrupt a tradition

that was never meant to be


those who abandoned


arrived so to taste

endemic sweetness

not by words


or systematic


In Order To Return

in order to return

we had to digress

to transgress

in excess

in order to return

in order not to worship

the habit

habit had to be discarded

This Worship less Worship

this ritualism

to the T

lead you to worship

the worship

in lieu of the

Most Worshipped

a worship-less worship

mechanical wayfaring

this was not the point.

addicted to rosary

until insanity arrived

hollow hymns

fill the cosmos

as helium to hot air

heart wanders

to repetitive mentions


breathless rhythms

mindless mantras

as I persists

psychosis subsists

soul seeks presence

we are brought back to


to be reminded of


in our worship less


letting go of attached



celestial garbs

realization dawns

at predawn

when we awaken

to insomnia

remembering the Beloved

by means of a beloved

we draw near.

we seek pardon

from our self

through our self.

breaking away from

repetitive rituals

I dared my soul

to detach

choosing blame

as The Way

straying from

hyper religiosity

we danced to

transgressive spirituality

in order to cloak

a supposed reality

of dependency to form

apparels and shawls

soul shackling


as if the point of

of all this was to call

towards oneself

as a retribution

to our salvation

all these


dissect the norm

deconstruct to dissolve

so to divert attention

by triggering

mass confusion

to filter

only the Real

after the storm

through this worship-less


Women Who Blaspheme

in order to survive

i had to let go

of what others would say

my words akin to blasphemy

for many, for the majority

I blasphemed my way into

palaces of gold

dynasties of old

hearts of coal

blackened by immorality

distorted spirituality

softened by my words

infused in ishq

as fire to ore

you ask for more

your elements transmuted

you melt in her presence

i am a witness

a spiritual seductress

as my pen inked itself

I held it gently

as I hold your heart

so not to disrupt this flow

on papyrus and tablets

this is our art

women who blaspheme

the likes of Scherazade

shunned saints

storytellers we are

in perfumed bazars

of Khorasan

sipping the wine of Attar

inducted into harems

dates dipped in rum

pomegranate delicacies

tender Turkish delights

powdered in ecstasy

a lover’s haven

assumed gardens of Eden

rose scented hammams

infested with chanters

maidens and ghilmans

we scandalously sing

we women who blaspheme

lay on Persian rugs

wrapped in chiffon

as the moon glares


on skin and smiles


inhaling oud like shisha

dusty clouds form

disguising lost lust

Marjina seeks Ali baba

Laila embraces Majun

orientalist or literalist

they ask for more

saqi O saqi

I hear your pleas

shall I pour Shirazi

or cherried Maysara

Dream to Dream

Dreams are Universal DNA codes

may we continue to dream

to dream like never before

to draw from our dream


and live to live

the dream;

e s s e n c e

from a multiverse


of whispering truths

specs of ongoing


those who listen

manifest from


the real realm

where KUN

exists between

ف and ن



If Art and Artist Existed Not

I create art

that creates enemies

those hiding in the grass

come forth and expose their enmity

what was more important

your opinion and judgement

or a loyal friend

for an image created through imagination

that you failed to grasp

because you really don’t know

the heart of the artist anyway

you chose judgement instead

in your claim for art appreciation

yet failed to understand the essence;

all is subjective

so judge not what you know not

leaving a friendship that saved you

from drowning and falling off

that London Bridge into the sea of misery

she held your hand from that calamity

how ironic

since friendship mattered not

and we forgot the past

because now we know how to stand

art became a means to split seas

so you left

I thank art to allow hearts to see

what normally would be hidden

if art and artist existed not.

Loyal Dogs

i choose loyalty

above all


since this is the bar

of our way

i only attract

souls who

like loyal dogs

give all for love