Sincerity a Rarity

you left prematurely

anticipating a miracle

the moment you left

a miracle appeared

upon it a signature

of the soul you doubted

sincere ones are rare

only leave if you dare

Saint or Seductress

dervish or denizen

saint or seductress

artist or avara

dancer or dreamer

missionary or visionary

Zulaikha or Zainab

zindiq or zaania

mushida or murtada

zania or zahida

come come

whoever you are

ours is not a caravan of despair

come, even if you have broken the law

a thousand times

come, yet again, come, come.

Disconnect to Reconnect

these dots connected

then disconnected

to reconnect

on a higher plane

through spirit

our essence



these centrifugal circles

forming light circuits

where hearts spin

in ecstatic dance

a heavenly trance

this order secret

it’s centre our guide

like constellations

we immerse in your light

none but you

none but you

The Scroll and The Script

a fire burns within

yet i am forced to be water

wind takes me in her arms

i wish to be earth

as i write

I ask myself

is this real

are we real

the scroll

and the script

recorded within

encoded into our deepest reality

i don’t know how

i don’t know when

when i’ll see your eyes again

when our eyes will meet again

This Moment

I sifted through my past and only remember love and joy

Stress was diminished when I stopped worrying about tomorrow

I AM my future

based on who I AM

this moment

Quintessentially Art and Artist

Art as we know is quintessentially art and artist.
Art as we know is not to be judged nor in need of validation.
Art as we know is an outpouring from infinite intelligence, if real.
Art as Monet reminds us is not an act of pretending to understand when all we have to do is love.
Art as we know brings out our truth and shadows.
Art as we know illuminates the world.
Art as we know is not to be grasped literally and if so, desecrated.
Art as we know is both soul and spirit fused. Art as we know is you and i.
Art as we know is to raise the consciousness of humanity and our lack of receptivity is a reflection of our very resistance.
So the same name we use, art appreciation, to express our world view means, art is art and not subject to your like and fancy.
Art as we know is testing your appreciation at its core.
Art as we know arrives to open your heart to all that you selectively and secretly detest.