Real Light

Real Light
There is class of men
Who eagerly anticipate the rising of the Sun
It is the light which they desire
The simple transition from night to day
From dark to light
Others would rather stay engrossed in deep slumber
Or be overcome with dread
Bearing the thought to rise
to face the beauty of the day
When its rays manifest the entire universe is lit
Many would rather close their curtains shut
Tint windows or adorn sun glasses ..
Yet the one who awaits this glorious light also mourns when it sets
For these individuals the light does more than simply shine
Its rays penetrate the soul and engrave the heart
With notes of love and secrets so sweet
That if all senses failed and memory diminished
This very heart lives on, unable to erase the everlasting message
Be it the Sun, Moon and all the constellations proclaim otherwise
Challenging the secret
This heart shall not believe
In actuality the light which shone containing the message
was only a conduit of the Real Light.
How can Truth be forgotten?

My Heart Bears Witness to AhdName

Oh Spirit of the Wine

Oh Spirit of Divine

I seek you in the Sinai ocean

and see you in every wave


Oh Spirit of the Wine

Oh Spirit of Divine

I seek you in Sinai’s sky

and feel your breath in the wind


Oh Spirit of the Wine

Oh Spirit of Divine

I seek thee in form

Yet you are the formless and formed


Oh Spirit of the Wine

Oh Spirit of Divine

I seek you upon Tur

and behold you through the sun’s rays

which shone upon Moses

He; love struck for days


Lovers come to Sinai pursuing thee

Oh Noble spirit where thy promised presence resides

You amidst them

We amidst you

Your promised protection

We seek thy shelter



Young Mohammed

Prince of the desert

wrapped in linen garb

your journey commenced

Buhaira you met

the Devoted Monk

Buhaira sought Divine

and witnessed thee!

in Love with thee

in awe for thee

transfixed upon thee

mesmerized by thee

A Prophet he declared

in thee he affirmed

long before the call

Blessed was he

among the first to believe

Prophethood he saw

in the young prince of Arabia

the seal of the Prophets

he witnessed all signs

from every holy scripture

he confirmed you sublime

Fortunate was he

to be graced by thee

love at first sight

his worship; to stare at thee

his worship; tasawwur e bashar

Tasawwru e nuur

this secret worship from time eternal

gazing at thee gazing at light

You walked among bedouins

Innocent’s delight

clouds shaded thee

every tree bowed

“Peace be upon thee!”

Birds soared cirumbulating thee

charmed by thee

hypnotized by thee

Buhaira by pen captured thee

a relic in print passed on to aspirants

Masters and seekers stare in adoration in veneration

All creation bore witness

when angels were summoned

to bow to Adam

in him stood Ahad the only Ahmad

The Holy one; the Chosen One

Disguised in Adam’s flesh

in Spiirt You-Oh Ahad-The One

Oh Ahmad Oh Mohammed

Oh Praised One

Oh First One

Oh Awal


Buhaira found the cave of light with thee

Cave of Hira said, wait you for me!

Cave Thaur said, do not exclude me!

Sinai said, come reside in me!

Again from Sinai a calling came

a delegation to Madina

seeking protection, bescheeing thee

you swore safety

a blue print for peace

Angels descended, prophets arrived

All monks witnessed

Ali your scribe

By Mohammed the praised one

Son of Abdullah

heaven bore testimony

*Isa rejoiced

his follower would fear no more

Mustafa our saviour

summoned his community

to safeguard, protect, respect all Isawis

like their own

this vow; our honour

to break; our disgrace

falling low in heaven’s eyes’

Blood shed today

Mohammed you bleed

The cross stained in crimson

Angels lament

hearing you weep



Ahmad’s Nama

Ahmad’s promise

Ahmad’s treaty

Ahmad’s covenant

Ahmad’s promise we affirm

To Sinai disheveled

To Sinai for Moses

To Sinai for Jesus

A love triangle




Mahdi’s spirit in Sinai

everpresent is he

watchful is he

calls he his men

to reaffirm the pledge of his grandfather

Ahdname Achtiname

his fellow men pledge and call upon in spirit

paying homage to Tur

where man and ash fused as one

Where fana  bore witness

to the Light of HU

refracting through Ahmad

Ahad veiled by meem

Meem striking  Moses

Catherine’s spirit  beckons Mohammed

Seekers pledge to affirm the treaty

The pledge to restore

that we lost;

the Abrahamic knot

the lessons you taught

Men set forth

armies of light

flock to pledge to Ahdname



Oh Spirit of the Wine

Oh Spirit of Divine

In Sinai your presence

In Sinai your breath

In Sinai your shade

In Sinai your light

In Sinai your promise

In Sinai your vow

We pay homage to thee

Grace us with Grace


Honor to Ali

Honor to your household

Honor to your loyal companions

Honor to the Sultans

Honor to those who upheld

Honor to those who preserved

the truth and sanctity in thy words

Honor to every witness

Honor to Sinai, the city of peace

By the fig, the olive and the Mount of Sinai


My heart bears witness to AhdName-AchtiName!


I swoon to the Ney of AhdName

My eyes shed tears to Ahdname

I whirl to the dance of AhdName

Pilgrims sojourn to AhdName

By the hand which wrote AhdName

By the scribe who recorded AhdName

I dance to the drum of AhdName

I sway to the tune of AhdName

I chant to the song of AhdName

I drum to the beat of AhdName

I sip to the wine of AhdName

By the eyes who witnessed AhdName

By the tongue which uttered AhdName

By the Angels who descend on AhdName

By the heart engraved with AhdName

By the light of Mohammed AhdName

By the one who upheld AhdName

We bear witness to AhdName

By the Ishq of Mohammed AhdName

By the love of Ali AhdName

By the sir of Jesus AhdName

By the Jalal of Moses AhdName

By the faith of Nowfal AhdName

By the love of Khadija AhdName

By the loyalty of Hayder AhdName

By the Pledge of Siddique AhdName

By the seal of Prophethood AhdName

By the covenant of Quresh AhdName

By the truce of Hudaibiya AhdName

By the Convenants to the Christians AhdName

By the Sultan’s Tughra AhdName

By the burning bush AhdName

By the valley of Tuwa AhdName

By the well of Moses AhdName

By the sanctity of Tur AhdNama

By the mention of Sinai AhdName

By the dove and spider AhdName

By the wings of the eagle Ahdname

For the sake of Mary AhdNama

By the Lord of All Worlds AhdName

We conclude with love for AhdName


Date: Jan 28th 2016

Location: Sinai Peninsual

Artist: Zualaikha


*Ahdname-also known as Achtiname
*Tur-Mount of Tur, Mount of Moses
*Fana-A state of annihilation (in Divine)
*Mahdi-The awaited messiah who hails from the Prophet’s family and will restore justice on earth. He will work alongside Prophet Jesus.
*Nowfal-A scholar of Holy books during the time of Prophet Mohammed. He was the uncle of the Prophet’s wife, Khadija.
*Hudaibiya-A treaty between Prophet Mohammed and the Quraish of Makkah.

Shame on You

Shame on you

Oh wretched one

A disgrace to Mohammed

The chosen one



Shame on you

Oh Transgressor

Verily to Mohammed

You are the oppressor



Shame on you

Oh those who kill

In the name of Mohammed

at their own will



Shame on you

Oh scum of earth

By the Truth of Mohammed

You shall not hurt



Shame on you

Oh blackened soul

Peace brought by Mohammed

His desired goal



Shame on you

Black flags you raise

Our guide is Mohammed

For Islam you disgrace



Shame on you

Chanting God is Great

By the sigh of Mohammed

Doom is your fate



Shame on you

Oh curse to humanity

By the grace of Mohammed

You bring woe to morality



Shame on you

From the depths of hell

By the purity of Mohammed

Religion you sell



Shame on you

Beards and turbans in his name

By the honour of Mohammed

You bring us to shame



Date: Jan 28/2016

Location: Sinai Peninsula

Copyright Zulaikhasdeevan

Poet: Zulaikha

Embrace Culture

Embrace Culture


To embrace culture is to embrace humanity

Embrace humanity and live in harmony

To achieve harmony within humanity

Is to live in a state of Unity

We are one human family

With all our diversities apparent and hidden

In essence we all come from the first man.

Of Men are Two

Of Men are Two


I’ve removed my garments

And let you peek in

I’ve expressed myself

From innermost within

I’ve cut a slice

Most dear to me

And shared with you

In exclusivity


I’ve never asked to be ‘let in’

To have a peek of your place within

For this was and never will

Be the reason for reciprocity

Yet if you did I’d consider it generosity

But surely this is not my aim

Or even a curiosity


Rarely men have such ability

To love and express in words eloquently

I do conclude that men are two

Those who think and others who feel

Surely the latter is my ideal!

What good is intellect without a feel?

Likened to a saltless meal!


The only way to comprehend..

Open your heart and let love tend..

Let love be your honored guest

For the path of Love is full of tests

Seat her on your finest interior

Where heart rules and mind inferior

All your senses shall be revived

A feeling well considered prized

I’ve slept over this many a time

To find the truth hidden in rhyme

This talk we speak is heart to heart

Shall we hold hands and continue our walk?


You are Love

You Are Love

Learn to Love

Fall in Love

You’ll learn to


You’ll learn to



 As a human

As meant to be

Now you are at peace


With yourself

With all

With the One


You found Love

You found yourself through love

You found Him through Love


You are Lover

You are Beloved

You are Love


Set Yourself Free

Set Yourself Free


Are beautiful


Are You


Are not me


Are apart of the Mystery


Are here for a purpose


Wish to be free


Desire Unity


Must set yourself free


Must find your master


Will find your calling


Must yearn


Must search


Must ponder


Must discover this beauty


Must do your work


Must not do mine


You and I differ

We were never meant to be the same


Are unique


Must fulfil your covenant


Shall find your very place in this abode


Are promised happiness


Will discover Truth


Must embrace yourself


Will find Him through You

Delve within where Real beauty resides

For the Treasure awaits you.s