To Engrave Your Heart

I disappeared

to reappear 

this time

to engrave your heart


Unity and Duality

This constant unveiling of shadow and light

We drifted to a point where we forgot our connection

as sudden strangers we lied about longing 

distracted duality

rebelling reality

sacred trusts

banished and broken 

denying darkness

censored secrets  

mystical memories 

embracing ethereal 

delusional darkness

obstructing our Oneness

We merged to a point where we remembered our connection 

The Dot of Illumination

dependent on a single dot

the dot of illumination 



cycle repeats

Jonah emerges 

Jeem from Ba

veil upon veil 

dissolved in the ocean of Unity

beneath the Ark of Salvation 

merging of two oceans

eyes two seas

duality dissolved 

unified reality

two synthesizes

as one inner eye

one reality

I envy your 


that dot 

giving life 

to the dot 


designed destiny 

External reality 


perceived by two dots

Internal reality


Jonah hidden in the Ba 

Emerged into 

to that what your dot glances 


a reemergence 

necessary to fill 

dots connecting dots 

we are dots within the dot 

Your Doorstep

Your Doorstep

I shall sit by your door
Like an unworthy beggar
I shall remain at your doorstep
Forever and ever
I shall wait till your doors open
I promise to remain silent
I shall utter not a word or gesture
I shall diffuse in your presence
I am in Love!
And you are the cause!
My only desire?
A glimpse of your face
I swear this love is Divine
Must I admit and proclaim to all;
this love I speak of is earthly.

A River named Love

A River Named Love


There is a river named Love

Upon its banks lovers reside

S e p a r a t e d and United by Love

All in love.


Desiring union they yearn daily

This river is food and drink

Their Fountain of Eternal Life

Lovers must unite!


‘How shall we reach our beloved’s gate?’

Frantic and mad they wail in haste:

“This mighty river has split one heart!”

Recalling Khidr’s auspicious advice;

‘One must take the leading plunge…’

‘The other shall mirror in unison’

‘Never again to depart’

‘Never again to say good bye’

Together in this river they delight.


United at last

Shackled by chains

Drifted by vicious currents

Into the Eternal Ocean of Love

Swim together upon the waves

Drink together the eternal drink

Drown together in eternal Love

Live together in eternal Light.

Anxiety My Hidden State

Anxiety;  My Hidden State


Anxiety has become my hidden state

Come feel my heart..It beats ecstatically

Like a blitz you’ve swirled and  tossed me into Arcadia

Drenched me with wine

Into the Ocean of Eternia


Like Shems, are you too part of this conspiracy?

Of disappearance

An unbearable feat for ME!

Test me not for I know not how

to bear this departure graciously


Through you I found ME

A well devised plot or mockery?

I wonder with anxiety

If I’m the one to pity


You’ve abandoned me to fend solely in this vicious labyrinth

Wherein donkey’s bray and snakes contrive

Where dead souls copulate, graze and reside

I seek that Eden we flew to and fro each day

Where I know you patiently await from this very day!

Fly Away With Me

Fly Away With Me


I knocked and knocked

Awaited eagerly

At the peak of my dismay

You responded!

Shall I fly to prove my delight?

Watch me tonight, past midnight

Way up in the night sky

I shall be seen

Above your abode

My hand stretched out

You shall join me

We’ll fly away

To our usual place

The place we met

The place we’ll dwell

Our place of origin