Space and Silence

in the midst of a storm

space and silence

alters states

SAKÏNA descends

infusing inspiration

summoning the soul

with secret revelation

Silence with Silence

silence is never an option

in this love frequency

bathe in

silence between silence

while I witness

your silence

mingle with my silence

silence with silence

Where Noise Reigns

this distance

only brought us closer

amidst the chaos

where noise reigns


to reconnect with your

authentic voice

amidst the silence

where you reign

Speechless Speech

When we decided words of no use
to speak through silence
That became eternal language
our coded mode of speechless speech 
this is when the real was heard
this is when we spoke 

The Ring of Fire

the world of unity
where silence and I
resided as one
sound erupted
breaking our secret
like the reed
I was cut from
and cried upon realization 
this entry into light
from layers of darkness 
veiling my reality
I was pure consciousness 
within you
aware you and I
of each other’s existence 
I was your secret
you mine
in this timeless space
I resided in you
you awaited my encounter
and burned in longing 
a ring of fire 
summoned a manifestation 

I was born