Imprint My Heart

In these transient moments

of sacred silence

I choose to embody


so to imprint my heart’s


of my reality;


Read Between the Silence

she’s removed these veils

and welcome  your gaze

your eyes touch her soul

that touch is magic

she begs for more

in subtle language

read between the silence

read between words

hear her breathe between breath

I Pleaded With Silence

My utterances lead
to your strange silence
which never broke
your silence drifted
till I only knew silence
yearning for my voice
I sought yours
I pleaded with silence
to shatter her silence
she failed to respond
I was silenced by silence
Like saffron
the wind has seized you
to unknown fields
exhausting Athena
where wild tulips
stain elderberry
Athena sips silence
drinking all silence
silence her wine
sipped on her silence
both drunk in silence
silence and silence
alone finally
with silence’s silence
alone with alone