Every Great One Had a Friend

Every Great One Had a Friend

On that day I said goodbye…
I had a feeling it was our last
Yet dared not go there in mind or heart
A friend, a mentor and sister too?
All this was so real and too good to be true
I’ve never felt such a way with others who came and ran away
Now you too have turned the other way
A wish to renew this special bond
In hope I search for His magic wand!

Every great one had a friend
From Prophets to all heavenly men
My claim is such was You to me
Yet whispers tell you ‘This is mere fantasy!’
Ya Shems, Ya Rumi, Ya Shems Ya Rumi

You’ve moved on yet I still wait
To meet at least, sip and greet;
at our well known secret retreat
I hold back my emotions with anchored reigns
To all those who cross my path and claim love with bloody stains
In them I secretly search to see your reflection
Nowhere close, their faces-a pure deception!
A thousand places or even faces
None like you in a million places
You’ve disappeared and left no traces

To give my heart and then depart
Oh the pain, the pain the pain!
My heart numb and clothes with stain
Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain, Ya Hussain

In this world where love is seasonal
Selfish, insincere and fiercely regional
How is it possible to believe me who claims she loves this very mortal?
To you I shall proclaim; that I am from Hussain
A loyalist who loves and dies in pain- for the same!
Deny it, turn the other way, ignore it and call it game

Fling me away like an unwanted moth that grows not tired or has no shame
I’ll come again to knock and knock at your heart, in hope to reclaim this very pain
I await that blessed Day where those who loved for His sake
For light’s sake, for Truth’s sake…
Shall reunite and be with those they were forced to forsake
For on that Day, true friends know not the term “Sorry Hun, this was all a mistake.”

Cellular Love

Cellular Love

Your voice resonates through every cell in my body.
Your being has fused completely with mine.
I seek to know who you are, yet only to find in reality ME!
We speak and chat all day long, I call upon you from miles away, instantly you arrive
Is this magic, have I gone mad?
Am I drunk in hallucinations and wild imagery?
No, we both are funnels to the same source
leading to the Jar of The Divine.

Not Two but One

Not Two but One

Rumi drank
Shems drank
Both began to whirl
gradual and steady
speed altered
Spinning until all that existed vanished
Rumi and Shems spun in ecstasy
Drunk in love
The sema carried on the night through
Dawn exposed their frantic state
Both fused
Now only one
One body
One soul
One heart
Not two but ONE

Inseparable Shadow

Inseperable Shadow


A lonely traveler strolled along a shaded pathway

Suddenly thunder shattered the starry sky

Lightning struck her instantly

Fatally she gasped for air

Currents of electric waves charged her soul

Spirit revived

An angelic presence

A second life

It was you!

Another Me?

Indescribable transparency

The moment of awakening

Alighted at last

Fire lit

Love’s delight

A shaded path with no road signs

Tragic disappearance

You came and left without notice

Alone again upon this path

Despair not

Your inseparable shadow;

My eternal companion

In you is me, and me in you!