Alone I Desired to Gaze at Muhammad

Enamored by the light of Muhammad

I broke the law of Joseph

For every literal eye

I am sin, sinner and dammed

I swear for by the Lord of Love

I am Ashiqa and Mashooqa

No sin but to close that door

Alone I desired to gaze at Muhammad

The chosen one, The only one

Torn shirt,

I desired to glance at the mark of Nubuwwah

Sin became the deed

My story inked eternally in  sacred books

Rumors abound me

whispers of shame

the curse of Zulaikha

on every women who strayed

For love I volunteered


to be remembered

Eternally as a lover

I fill the pages of every black book

I a lover, unknown to all

except to those who drink this  wine


A Soul Contract is Due

Greetings dear friend of the spirit
This message is heart to heart
I have a mission and you crossed my path
I am carrying a burden
A soul contract is due
My promise to this soul who soars the seen and unseen realm
This promise long overdue
But gestation is a stage
Necessary to birth
A midwife arrived saying she was sent from Fatima
I am
to assist in this birth
To assist in this mission
we shall dispel ignorance
with my talent
Us seas apart
yet mission One
You in the West
Me in the East
vision one
Let’s birth together
while Mary and Fatima rejoice
Rumi oversees our work
his promise in tact
You my daughter
Worry not!
you two are only vessels
Think not it’s you
rather we are sending light upon light
in this labor of love
for the love of all humanity
We see you both fit
Now come forth and carry out the work
While we assist!
Abundance is our promise
The heaves bear witness
Poverty exists not
A lover is never poor
She is rich
wearing robes of silk
Her being perfumes the world
With Amber and Frankinsece
This is honor
believe in our promises
We are caring for you
now is the time
The world awaits
let’s dispel the darkness
through words from
A lover’s well.

The Beloved’s Arrival

Arrival of the Beloved


Dead of the night

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream

My heart screams

I hold back


Collecting and beyond brim

Dry tears

Forming droplets

Of rose water and musk

Trickle gently

Dampen my pillow

A river bed

I sail the deep ocean

Of rose petals in sand

Damasks and Taifi

A subtle fragrance allures my spirit

These eyes frozen in time

A thin layer of ice

Mummifies my being

Ya Wadud

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream


My inner conviction

Shatters an evil eye omen

Breaking the Alaskan spell

Borealis lights

Emit from my heart

Melting this ice

Vapor and dew

Folick joyfully

Melancholic moans

I hear Jonah

The nightingale sings

Wolves howl at the sterling disc

I glare through the glass ceiling

A cosmic waltz

A starry night

Van Gogh’s delight

A lover’s Astrolabe

Where Ishq and sorrow


I stare at deflated stars

A colorless moon

Privy to my confusion

Bewildered am I

In pursuit of childlike footprints

Chasing the Sacred Sandala

Clouds resembling camphor and amber

My children once played with






Hymning axioms drenched in love

A Genghis curse

Pillaged my heart

Set my books ablaze

This Mongol attack

Iraq laments

History repeats

Ya Zainab

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream

A gentle glow

It is Nur Ahmad

Through rubble and ash

Encrypted passwords

I enter like Hayder

In your false Khyber

Ya Ali Mawla

An army of forty lovers

In defense

To retrieve

My children

Held in hostage

You feed them


                                     Parched lips


                                          Bellies swell

                       My children


These pages and words

My fingerprints

A piece of my heart


I  S E E K   Y O U


My spirit embossed on papyrus

Inked in crimson

Tints of Azurite

Ripped apart

Trampled upon

Letters scattered

Words recede

In attempt to reclaim

What they stole

Oh Fatima

Your garden

Fadaq violated

Madina laments

History repeats

Oh Blessed Green Dome

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream



I yearn in secret

For my loved ones

These children of light

Utterances from Zulaikha’s Divaan

My words


Day sets in

                I distract myself in

                                                Mundane toil

             Complaints dissipate


In search for you through this world and beyond

Amnesia prevails

Lingers in the deep forest

Beneath my locks


You’re in my thoughts


Evading Khidr’s territory

Where fairies and berries

Green men make merry

Every passerby a mirage of MEEM

An unfathomable meeting

For this unworthy writer

A grand fairy tale

Recalling Joseph

I make dhikr of Yaqub

These tears collect in that well

As proof for Kawther

On the promised Day


I believe in you


A world unseen

Alif Laam Meem

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream

Rosy sky

Dusk arrives

My children

Have you returned?

Not a footprint in sight

Light descends

These offspring arrive

A scroll presented

By a heavenly scribe

Angels proclaim:

Arise for the Sultan

The Beloved shall visit

The house of his grandchild

For it is time to anoint

This space she calls home

In dedication to the Holy Household;

Paragons of Truth

Her patron and guide;

Sayyeda Zainab

A messenger appears

I come from Rub Al Khali

I a slave to Zahra and the 13 comrades

We heard about you

Through bedouins and royals

The palms of Arabia and the Sea that cries blood

Your poems and art

But mostly your heart

Have caught our attention

Against the tide you uphold our flag



In that we delight!

                                In this Land of Love

Arabia seduced

Monarchs rejoice

With goblets of Shiraaz

Primitive scholars utter in dismay

Beating their chest:

Wa Wayla, Oh Ahle Karbala! Wa Wayla!

Heretical idolatry of do’s and don’ts


We forgot the essence

We forgot you


But you oh daughter

Of al Al Askari and Jilani

Shall be interceded for

By order of Baab ul Ilm

Your request has been granted

We bring to you relics as a Trust

And a witness

Glad tidings to you

For the sake of his ‘itra

Your service in their way

May that be accepted

By Batool and her Aal

For the coming of Mahdi

Gifts shall arrive

Blessings to all

From treasures aloof

A phenomenal protocol

A grand entourage

Ya Al Amin

Rose water

Cambodian oud

A shower of rose petals

Softer than satin


Trumpeteers beckon the select and elect

A Royal Diwan summoning

Shah e Madina is coming!

Silken gowns for all guests in presence

The finest linen the eye has seen

Wine prepared

From Khayyam’s cellar

A majestic sufra with Taiba Tamar and honeyed haleeb

Munshideen commissioned by the Ministry of David

Who sing not but Mustafa’s praise

Hijazi dancers

Najdi swordsmen

Mevlevi whirlers

Tuareg drummers

Qawwals of Hind

Women of Dhamaal

Cloaked Monks

Guilders and Poets

Thinkers and Mystics

Men of metaphysics

313 from the Army of Ishq

Destitutes and Monarchs

Lovers who weep in secret and open

Cave dwellers

Qalandars and Lords

Shall come forth

For this Grand Mawlid

A heavenly hadra

In the presence of Qubbatul Khadra

For the first time in history

Aal Saud and Aal Hashimi

Praising the Beloved in unison

A transfer of power, the day has arrived

A trust restored from Saud to Quraish

Keys, land and Haramain

All Shareefs rejoice

Ya Malak Salman

I’ve been waiting for years

I pledge my loyalty to both you and our family

May the heavens bear witness

For the love I claim

This day we witness

In honor of the 12th

Our daughter, this is your home

You are here to stay

Relish and delight!


My eyelids flash

Delusional with psychosis?

Is this for real?

A voice whispers

Imagination is the secret

Think Feel and Write

To manifest The Real

Pen Al Qalam with all your might

This is your right…

A trumpet is blown

Sallu Aalik wa aalihi

Assalamu Alaika Ya Habib al Rab Al ‘Alameen

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream


Dead of the night

I awaken in perspiration

Drowned in white musk

Panting for water

I beseech Abbas

Through Sakina’s thirst

Oh Saaqi, more!

Hajira forgotten

Isma’il smiles


The Ka’ba is You


Mawla Janam your essence!

Zahra your heart’s door


We seek your sight!


I ask

In wonder

What happened to my children

My breath, my heart, my intellect

My words; my children?

All is mirage

A figment of my illusory self

I have forgotten

All that I sought

By the redolence of this musk


Bedazzled by your faint glances

Your blessed palms

Your luminous feet I desire to kiss

Downcast- my gaze fixated

Bless me my Master

With your blessed Burda

Cleanse me my Master

With your Nur

Grace me my Master

With your sight

Include me my Master

In your list of ardent lovers

Forgive me my Master

For my neglect and ignorance

Purify me my Master

For my conscious sinning

Save me my Master

From Jaheem al Hatima

For the sake of Le Khamsatun

Surreal or fact

Ya Mustafa Irhamlana

Like a corpse I lay still

Beyond midnight

It’s 2am

Am I awake

Or is this a dream


That Voice  Sings a Thousand and One Songs

That voice

sings a thousand and one songs

listen to it

as you listen to the reed

separated from source

it sings all day

and night

The nightingale has become dumb

as the moon seeks the sun

this burning heart seek thee

awaiting to eclipse  text d term drd txt sF

to catch a glimpse

the entire cosmos await this day

a dance of heaven and earth


That voice

sings a thousand and one songs


listen to the reed

separated by source

it yearns all day

and night

The ocean has silenced itself

whispers heard in every wave

by those who wait by the shore

awaiting to meet the Beloved

to drink a sip

while the blue skies made privy

the Sun peeks beyond the clouds

a silhouette upon the ocean of elegant palms

a dance of light and shadow

a shimmering Ocean of Love and longing

desiring itself through this reflection

of Ocean, sky and all that’s under.

To Be Free of I

I want to drink from
The tree of life
to be free of I
to immerse in you
to be free of you
An annihilation in you
A full detachment of we
To rise above the chains of lawamma
to be free of the chatters of mind
a fusion of emptying and silencing
in the presence of mutaminna

I want to drink from Kausar
to be free of I
to immerse in Mustafa’s Nur
to be free of desire’s whispers
an annihilation in Hussainiya
a detachment of dunyawiya
To rise against every Yazeedi
to be free of nasibiyya
a fusion of submission like Sajjadiya
In the presence of Zainabiyya

I want to drink from Hayder’s Ocean
to be free of I
to immerse in his reality
to be free of sin’s insanity
an annihilation in Zahra’s Kausar
a subversion from distraction
to rise against tyranny
to be free of all oppression
a fusion of truth and justice
in the presence of Haramain

Perfumed Corpse in Ishq’s Chain

Ya Habibi Ya Hussain

Medina to Makkah you came
peace your train
a holy caravain
72 lovers from Haramain
my heart complains
of this pain
driving me insane
You slain?
not in vain!
eternal spirit of Hashemain
Love we feign?
Truth we claim

Ya Habibi Ya Hussain
no blame
to Abel or Cane
Yazeed’s shame
his father insane
a tyrant’s reign
for worldly gain
how vain!
An Aashiq’s game
the battlefield a stain
your followers, an enviable attain
Imam Zain in pain
Zainab laments pure rain
Asghar Ali in disdain
Sakina trembles ain ain?
Abbas’ body blain
service his only aim!

Ya Hussain!
Ya Hussain!

Shimmer enters hell’s lane
arrows drip dum Hussain
Shah Hast Hussain!
eyes on Zuljana’s mane
your eyes downcast, plain
perfumed corpse in Ishq’s chain
cosmos numb to explain.

.Silence I ascertain.

skies fail to contain
heaven’s wails fail to retain
beyond time, your name again
in every grain
every sip your name!
a lover‘s terrain
a holy campaign
truth and justice twain
from injustice and tyranny we abstain
say not tragedy! are you insane?
no loss only gain
their claims,
how inhumane
with you we remain
our Mawla Hussain
all else mundane
our heart’s breathe:
Ya Hussain
Ya Hussain

A Dharma Tale

What’s the matter
What’s the matter
Am I the one to break your heart?
Am I the one who tore you apart?
You stole my heart
Did I steal yours?
I am not one who breaks hearts
I am not one
who departs
I am not one
who begins then starts
I am not one
who claims this art
I love and love until death do us apart
This game Shams plays
I despise it
Deny it
Abhor it
and ask my muse
Do we submit or amplify this?
Do we flow or fantasize this?
Energize me
While I Eulogize you
Tantalize me
While I analyze you
Poetize me
While I glorify you
Allocate me
While I abdicate you
Subjugate me
While I aggravate you
Relocate me
While I sabotage you
Hypnotize me
While I magnify you
Quantify me
While I calculate you
Sanctify me
While I aromatize you
Magnetize me
While I agonize you
Tranquilize me
While I scandalize you

This ancient sacrament
a holy grail
A dharma tale
of two split hearts
day and night
seek alleviation
from hallucinations
two worlds apart
a fabrication
where time and space
have no place
heart in heart
a violation
this accusation
Affront to our destination
an Arabian Night’s fascination
Laila and Majnu’s consummation
a mindful lotus visualization
karmic tantric felicitation
mystical supreme realization
of light and dark meditation
just stop this drama
and still your self
manifest me within yourself.