Longing is Remembrance

Do you think
that this heart misses not?
our heart to heart talks, whispers and ocean breath exchange
if every moment is remembrance
then we are in constant ziker
no separation on the path where moments spent in longing
this is truth
longing is remembrance
longing for a beloved
who mirrors Divine love
the mirror who appeared
seeking no permission
privy to my heart
aware of sirr and khaafi
do you think I have forgotten
that sirr between us two?
never in a bask in my heart
I’ve already experienced your warmth, your gaze and touch
I’m here to stay
It’s how we interpret love
that causes us to question and doubt
the heart is a witness to what the mind knows not
remember me
and I remember you


Enchanting Poet of Heartbeats

I choose dissolution over mere existence. So do you. We One

Read between invisible words
Sip the silence of secret heartbeats
Silence privy to itself
Promised to keep its doors locked
Except for the one who holds the key
to this inner chamber where sirr ferments
A game of hearts and beats

That voice
Sings a thousand and one songs
Listen to it
As you listen to the reed
Separated from source
It sings all day
and night
The nightingale has become dumb
As the moon seeks the sun
this burning heart seek thee
awaiting to eclipse
to catch a glimpse
the entire cosmos await this day
a dance of heaven and earth
That voice
Sings a thousand and one songs
Listen to the reed
Separated by source
It yearns all day
and night
The ocean has silenced itself

Every night
Eclipse me with your light
Blind me by your sight

Once You Discover You

Fine. Not new in my vocabulary or experience
Common rather through observation and experience
Discard at will and doubt the sincere
Typical. But you, I never saw as typical
Different rather
How about a hiatus between us two until you discover your own true self
Go, go seek out your loyal friends and guides
I have no doubt they love you and care for you
Indeed you shall find all that you seek with your sincere select dosts
I transient, a spare wheel rather
This is common and you rather have simply confirmed once again a greater truth
I shall not waste your time or energy
Nor send you texts or otherwise anything part of me
Nor keep you up and disrupt your schedule and distract you with your higher learning, your studies or thoughts.
Weaning may not be sudden, so randomness may arrive in your mail or messages. Discard at will, as you choose to discard her at will
Once you discover you, only then will you truly know me. Likewise the same applies to me
As per your request, I shall abide
The choice is yours

Dance to Your Voice

I would dance to your voice in secret and open
Make love to love beneath the cherry blossom
Dive from a cliff into the deep Ocean
Swim with dolphins to a land called love
Recluse in a cove with cool aqua waters
where mermaids and hooris sing and lament the song of Zulaikha
Where both heaven and earth intermarry
feasting in visual delights
Sip from the wine of Qum
A caller whispers, Alicia take a sip
Bewitched by her heavenly voice
Who art thou?
Hoor or motal?!
I am both, I am all
I am heaven I am earth
I am sun I am moon
I am land I am sea
I am you
You are me
Come, let’s sip together and make merry
Do away with all
Just you and me.


My love to the Mystic Moon who writes like no other

I wish

To know you, to know me
To discover you, to discover me
To explore you, to explore me
Let’s explore hidden secrets together
We seek unconditional love
Shall I whisper that into your heart
Feed me more of you
Drinking you by thoughts
By the night as it conceals all lovers
By the day as it exposes all hearts
I swear by the light of the day
My love for you is ethereal
I was sworn into a love contract and chose you as my wine
Pre eternally, in the realm of souls
You and I pledged to Wadud
Remove all veils
Join me here beneath your own skin
Spirit-words yearning for union
Beneath the covers
Just you and I
In unison
Light a witness
Light present
Pupils meet
Cosmic dance
Melting essence with omniscient light
Children of light come forth
Armies of heavenly flowers
Parading everywhere diffusing the fragrance
Alighting souls
Look into my eyes
I seek a cosmic dance with you
And so are your sudden moments of silence
The silence between the laughter
The silence when Alicia speaks
The silence sparks curiosity
While listening to the silence
Silence became jealous of itself
My thirst seeks to drink from The Ocean of Unity
Your waters, the same

When Oceans Dance

Verily the moon causes tides to rise
waves to crash and waters to move erraticly!
The stillness of the ocean meditates all day upon the  beloved
The night sky appears with the moon causing the ocean to dance at her arrival
This fiery dance of  the ocean cannot be so without her moon

Ocean and fire merge at the unveiling of the moon

When oceans dance
When fire maddens
When skies siren
Take refuge
Beneath the breath of the beloved
merge breath in breath
Become silent
Dance within eachother’s spirit
Gaze intensely moments long
Into eternity
where WE belong
Savour the fire
Drink the ocean
Breathe the sky
You are fire, I savour you
Ocean in you, I drink you
Breath of the beloved, I inhale you