The expulsion of beauty from a poet’s lips is akin to the labor of love.

Without Love and Pain how can we comprehend the joy of birth?

The production of wine has begun!

Fruits carefully selected and pressed;

Feelings ferment in the poet’s heart

Stored in the quarto barrel

Turn to wine in the mortal cellar


Corks unscrewed by select tasters

Connoisseurs await eagerly






Sipped in regal goblets…

Each line drenched in the spirit of the Wine

Every letter a drop

Every word a sip

Drink, Drink!

Let the wine soak into each cell



Let it flow through your blood

Each vein a heavenly river

Gushing with urgency

Carrying Laila’s message speedily to the Divan;

The sacred chamber for all mankind.

Where Heaven and Earth reside

Where Love and Sorrow intermarry

A Darbar where secrets manifest

A traveller’s refuge

A seekers retreat

A lounge for discreet affairs

A monastery for the devoted ones

A drunkard’s haven

Now seat Laila’s love

Upon reserved seats

Ferment them like Majnoon did

When the New Wine is ready



With Every Sip Your Name

With Every Sip Your Name


I see you in every street and alley.
Your fragrance lingers in my memory,
chases, and enchants my senses
Your love is overflowing;

an endless waterfall

Every beauty exposes your face

With every sip; your name is mentioned

I see you in every street and alley…

Breathe into Me

Breathe In Me

Oh spirit of my wine

Breathe into me

Breathe so I may inhale your spirit

I crave silence and only desire breath

All else diminshed

Your breath is the carrier

the essence of your spirit;

the wine for my soul.

Cup of Love



You’ve asked to drink from the cup of Love

Now let it pour from high above

Savor every sip my friend

You’ll never run to an end

Prepare to fall deep in love

Abducted and placed in a secret cove

You’ll toss and turn

You heart shall burn

You’ll slip and fall

And know none at all

Your body too shall be set aflame

A fiery blaze-yet who’s to blame?

Once you’ve joined the inner tavern

Sip with His friends

Need not beg, borrow, lend

When your cup is almost empty

It shall be filled again aplenty

You’re’ sick in love!

A contagious malady from above

A drunkard

An addict

Whatever you wish, call it

The only way to free yourself

Is to be forever in love

Not Two but One

Not Two but One

Rumi drank
Shems drank
Both began to whirl
gradual and steady
speed altered
Spinning until all that existed vanished
Rumi and Shems spun in ecstasy
Drunk in love
The sema carried on the night through
Dawn exposed their frantic state
Both fused
Now only one
One body
One soul
One heart
Not two but ONE