I Entered Your Heart

your remembrance

brings me to

the ocean of unity

where love subsists

in absence of duality

some souls were meant

to disappear

in order to stay


by no fault of my own

did I enter your heart

A Mother’s Touch

In heaven’s clouds

I think of you

I forgot to hold my gaze

long enough

so to pierce into your eyes

telling you how much

I love you

so to watch you smile

as I utter

words you already know

I forgot to hold your hand

while you walked

retelling your heart tales

so to remind us

this path we stroll

hand in hand

till eternity

where separation

exists not

I forgot to embrace you

moments longer


before I departed

this time

a door called nostalgia

opened itself

ushering me into

her lounge

all I knew was scent

smiles and glances

laughter concealed

with memories

of yesterday


I long for

the warmth

of your nurturing


forever a child

in your presence

grace me more

craving the softness

of a mother’s touch

a father’s embrace

what more

shall I say